Tricksy Thursdays


When, we think of tricksy, we immediately think of someone being very mischievous or cunning. Or, if you're a geek, you immediately think of Golem. 

But, let's take at the other meaning of the word as provided by Merriam-Webster.

TRICK-SY: adj. smartly attired, dapper

We can roll with this, right? Let's take this Tricksy Thursdays to a great start.

I've been eyeing the Anthropologie website for a bit. With it still being cold in the Bay Area, I am looking forward to spring coming soon. And, it is just around the corner. The outfit to the left is just one sample of what they have to offer in their stores.  

And, for the little ones out there. Check out this onesie from Marimekko. Isn't it just adorable. You can get this onesie from their stores for $22 right now. On sale. When you think of Marimekko, you think of the red flower design but if you are able to visit a store front, they have lots to offer. If you live in the Peninsula, there is a Marimekko store at the Stanford Shopping Center. 

Now, for the men. Given the meaning of tricksy: dapper, I think Mad Men. But, our men can't always wear a suit and tie everyday, so I was drawn to this look from Nordstrom. It still looks put together in an easy, casual way. Nothing too pretentious. What do you think?

And, this is it for now... What's your take on the word tricksy? 


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