{Travel} Eye Candy

"Experience, travel - these are as education in themselves" 
- Euripides

With traveling, I am always on the lookout on things that I can buy before I go that I can wear now and for travel. As I've mentioned in my last post, layering is key, especially, when you're traveling in the fall. And, considering I live in the Bay Area, layers can be work practically all year round.

For wearing skirts or dresses through fall until early spring next year, here's some tights from Anthropologie

Pin Dot Sweater Tights
Poppy-Printed Tights

Some more lace and dots...
Tippi Sweater in Swiss Dot
Tippi Sweater in Polka Dot

Lace Overlay Blouse
Ruffled Lace Cardigan

Some dark jeans to be worn as neutrals. I'd wear these babies with booties or stash them into tall jeans. Or with flats. 

Pilcro Serif Leggings
Pilcro Stet Slim Rolled
AG Stevie
Dresses. I love dresses that can transition and can be used throughout the seasons. This dress below, I'd wear with tights and boots for fall and winter, and wear with flats or heels for spring and summer. It's a great neutral.
Jules Dress

Until next time... How would you layer clothes for travel?


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