{Fashion} Emergency Kit

Happy Thursday! 

In addition to my post from last night- see here, there are times when we run into some fashion emergency. I've created a 'Fashion Emergency Kit,' something easy that you can just have in your purse to save the day. 

Tights are easy to add to any purse, especially for when temperatures start to drop. If you live in the Bay Area, it's a staple to my wardrobe. 

Scarves are another staple. It can dress up your outfit and keep you warm and cool at the same time. You can wear scarves all year round nowadays.

Beauty Elixir. I swear by this stuff! I've brought this with me anywhere I go and it's small enough to fit anywhere. Just a spritz and you'll feel refreshed!

Benetint. Just a dab on your cheeks and lips and it can take you from work to party. Subtle.

Lip colour balm. Just one stick to give you color and moisture on your lips. 

What do you think? Any ideas? Let me know your thoughts. 


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