Swiss Cheese, please...

Last year, the hubby and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Switzerland and visit some relatives. We were there during the first two weeks of October and it was gorgeous. As my aunt kept telling me while we were there, 'The weather is so perfect, right now.' And, the days we didn't plan on doing enough big and just stayed home, was when it rained and it was cold (freezing!) 

I've uploaded some pictures of our trip around the whole country of Switzerland to give you a taste of Swiss. This trip has been a LONG time coming. We've been wanting to go to Switzerland since 2007, when our relatives had visited us stateside. And, it finally happened. But, I'm rambling on... 

The place we were at is in Birsfelden, which is located near the city of Basel. It's a quaint town, very green. I take it back, everything is green in Switzerland. The air smelled and felt fresh, if you could actually feel the air. Even, the cows looked happy. Basel is only an hour away from Zurich, where we flew in and out of. 

On our way to see the Matterhorn... in Gornergrat
Quaint little town near the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn!!! It was a clear day and the view was perfect.

Gornergrat Glacier.

Another view of the Matterhorn. We rode on a train that took us up about 10210 feet up to see the view of both the Matterhorn and the Gornergrat Glacier. I think, this picture was taken from the restaurant balcony where we ate. 

Food! Here is just a sampling of some of the food we ate there. Well, mostly it was cheese and potatoes. And, lots of french fries. These pictures are of the Racklette, where you melt cheese on a pan, season it and pour it over your potatoes. It was good. We also had Fondue, which is a Swiss specialty. 
Step 1: Season the cheese...

Step 2: Melt the cheese!

Step 3: Once melted, pour over potatoes. Enjoy with wine and other finger foods.

I couldn't resist! The hubby found it hilarious that the beer in 'The Simpsons' actually existed. Can't really say what it tasted like, since we did not buy any.

Birsfelden. The following pictures were taken at the Little Island near my relatives place. They live close to the German border as well as the French border. On our walk around the island, one side you can see Germany and on the other Switzerland. 


We are looking right at the border of Germany. Those houses on the bank straight ahead are in Germany. 

My hand at still life photography, a budding passion. 

Lucerne. We took a boat ride on the lake and the view around you is all mountains and clouds. You can see Mount Pilatus from the boat ride as well. It was apparently named after the Pontius Pilate, who is believed to be buried there. 
View from the boat. 

Ahhh! Finally, a picture of the hubby and I. We actually exist! 

Another view from the boat.

Basel Dreilandereck- Three Country Corners. France, Germany and Switzerland. 

Rhine Falls.

Caillei Chocolate Factory. It was a 'Willy Wonka' and 'I Love Lucy' moment. It was walls upon walls of chocolate. And, the tour ended in a room full of chocolate, that you can try. The hubby had way too much, umm... just enough to fulfill his sweet tooth. 

It was cold when we came here. It was about to start raining. 


More chocolates!

Basel! This was the big city that is close to where our relatives live in Birsfelden. You can actually walk to the city alongside the river, if you choose to. Or take public transit, which we did a few times, or drive your own car. 

View from the bridge

Basel Munster. 

View from the Munster.

Another view of the city from the Munster.

Up close and personal to the Munster Tower.

Rhein River

On a boat, crossing the Rhein river to the other side. You can see the Munster right in the middle of the picture. 

Raut Haus

Stay tuned for more... :D 


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