SF International Tea Festival Update

The Tea Festival came and went. And, I have to say that even though the festival was small, I left feeling content and happy with all the different types of tea that I tasted.

It was held at the Ferry Building, on the second floor, in the city. If you haven't been to the Ferry Building, in order to get to the second floor, you have to access the stairs from the outside. It took us awhile (maybe, a good five minutes of walking around) to find it. Granted, it was SUPER busy that day. The Farmer's Market was going on and the shops on the first floor were bustling with activity. It was so busy, it took about twenty minutes to use the bathroom. Just way too long!

As you enter the festival, you get a goodie bag that has information on all sponsors at the festival and a tea cup for you to use, as you sample different teas around the festival. Here are some pictures of the event. 

Ferry Building with tents up for the Farmer's Market.
Welcome sign to the Tea Festival

Red Circle Tea.   

Red Circle Tea. Really great tasting jasmine tea and red oolong tea.

 Harney and Sons. They showcased three types of tea- Black Tea with Caramel, can't remember the other two.... This was my favorite!

Love the tins the tea comes in.  

The Republic of Tea. The Celebration Tea is amazing- very strong in flavor and heavy on the tongue. 

Roy Fong at work. 

Sky Tea. This was the best brand, I think that was out there. The CHAI TEA was AMAZING!!!

Sky Tea. Really great chai tea.
Just the different tea and spices.
Really great Chai Tea!!! We scored by getting a bag of tea for $9...
The best thing out of the whole day was the Chai Tea from Sky Tea, tasting some great Ginger Ale and spending quality time with the hubby together. Well, we got some macarons  from Miette and some fresh bread from Acme Bread.

Until next time...  go ahead and brew some tea while you wait. :) 

Here's some info on tea for some light reading.


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