Shopping Review {Topshop}

It's been a week since Topshop has landed at a few Nordstrom stores. And, as I have mentioned in a previous blog post, as seen here, I came home with a few purchases. Ok, maybe not a few, but enough to say that it was trouble. Good trouble. British style, to me, always looked polished without looking trying too hard. Brit fashion seems to be governed by the weather, while our fashion, American fashion, seems to more casual and laid-back. We live for comfort. Living in California, where we are perpetually blessed with great weather all year round, it is easier to fall back on wearing a simple tank with a great pair of jeans and accessories and not worry about fashion trends, while Brits grab fashion trends and make it their own. I was in London a few years back and not only fell in love with their accents but also the lifestyle. I kidded to Tom, back then, that we need to move to London and just live there for awhile. Didn't quite happen, but, we, now live up in the Bay Area, where the culture is similar to that of Europe. 

I'm getting off track... Let's talk about Topshop. Now, that there is a Topshop close by, I am hoping to get some of that fearlessness that Brits are known for in my everyday style. I love watching Emma Watson, Alexa Chung, Keira Knightly and Kate Moss and drool over their impeccable style. 

Here are some of my likes & dislikes...

This pencil dress is reminiscent of Jackie-O. I've tried this dress in my regular size and it fit fine, although a little bit tight, okay... maybe, a little tight. I wouldn't be able to eat, tight or breath. Definitely, size up. If you are regularly a 4 at H&M, get a 6 for this brand. I feel like, it tends to run small. If you are okay with the $130 price tag, I would recommend the dress. It is lined and the faux belt look cinches at the waist, giving you a littler waist.
Topshop Boucle Pencil Dress
A metallic skirt. Yes, I did try this on. It is shiny as it is shown on the website, so it is one item that I definitely would recommend going to your closest Nordstrom that carries Topshop to take a look at it. One big plus for this skirt, in my book, is that it has pockets!
Topshop Textures Metallic Skirt
I've tried this dress on and it went back... While, I love the fit of the dress and that it has pockets, one drawback to this dress, especially at $130, is that it is unlined. While I would have loved to have kept the dress, it wasn't worth my sanity to feel like I was itching allover. If you love it, and don't mind the price tag and want to get it lined, talk to your tailor. Truth, be told, I am debating, if I should go back and get it...
Topshop Retro Boucle Dress
I love this tank. Easy to dress up or down. Can't wait to wear this with a fitted black capri pants and a fitted blazer or wear this down, with a pair of khaki shorts and a sweater. This, I definitely bought. It'll be one of my wardrobe staples.

Topshop Embellished Crop Tank
I tried on this embellished dress and while it looked great on the hanger, it did not look amazing on me. I think, I needed to have been born with a model's body and height. Especially, the height. The dress is heavy, both in the pocket at $400, and on you. It is a statement piece, if you are looking for one and can pull it off. It is understated elegance and the wow factor is the plunging back. 
Topshop Embellished Bodycon Dress
While, I wanted this dress below, I was not happy with the fit. It hugged places on me, that I did not want attention to be called to, and so it went back. It is a comfortable piece of clothing, even the price, at $64, sat well with me, so I'd like to say that even though I did place it back, I might want to take another look at it.
Topshop 'Cross' Bodycon Knit Tunic
I did get a jacket, but not this jacket below. If you're into the cocoon style jackets, then take a look at this one. I've tried this one and it basically swallowed me whole... 
Topshop 'Crombie' Mixed Media Coat

I'll post pictures of the ones I ended up keeping at a later date and so... until, next time...

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