{Festival} Hermès Festival des Metiers

Hermès Festival des Metiers starts today until September 24th. It will be at Union Square Park in San Francisco. Entrance can be found on Powell Street. Admission is free and it runs from 11 am to 6 pm. 

Many thanks to anh from 9to5chic for sharing this on her twitter: @9to5chic. See picture below of her experience creating anHermès scarf.

from anh @9to5chic

Hermès, the French luxury goods company, is bringing its Festival of Craftsmen to SF today. It will be here until the 24th. The Festival will travel coast to coast, with its first stop in NYC. After SF this weekend, it will travel to Houston. If you ever wanted to get a closer look on how some of the iconic pieces from Hermès are made, and you are in SF, you are in luck and now is your chance. From today until the 24th, you can check it out. Admission is free. 

Backstory on the company, it was founded back in 1873 as a harness and saddlery workshop by Thierry Hermès. It produced its very first bag back in 1892 for riders and now, they are known for the Birkin or the Kelly bag. Hermès employs about 2000 craftspeople, who are trained all over France. Some of them are trained many years and can take several years to master a technique. More than one craftsman can be involved in the making of a scarf or a teacup. Absolute precision to detail and quality. 

Purchasing an Hermès is an investment, much like buying a Chanel purse. The quality and craftsmanship in these products are bar to none. So, take time out of your schedule and make your way out there, if only to learn more about how these products are made. 

You can find out more information here and here.


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