Floor board by Floor Board...


As we continue on this journey of hitting floor board after floor board and nailing them down. Can I just say that I am very proud of Tom of doing all of work by himself... Stone by Stone, was the start of Tom's journey into becoming an all around handyman. His introduction to it was when my parents had came up for Thanksgiving last year, A house snippet here and there, to help us paint and install crown mouldings in the main rooms- living room, dining room, kitchen, foyer and hallway... And, if you're still interested into seeing how the house used to look like before, you can still read Brick by Brick

My brother dearest, Jan, decided to spend his entire week off for spring break with us. To help finish putting the hardwood floors down and help clean the house. Did I mention, somewhere, that we were throwing a housewarming party, during Easter weekend? Sorry, it must have slipped my mind... But, the chaos and the stress of having to do all of that plus make sure that the house will be ready was taking its toll. For me, sometimes, when I start feeling overwhelmed, my mind and body just shuts down. Very grateful that my brother came up and helped us finish the other bedroom and the hallway. Jan and Tom also installed the floor baseboards and shoe mouldings in the two finished rooms- the guest room and the computer room, as well as in the hallway. Granted, the only room that hasn't completed its transition into hardwood floors is the masters bedroom. I know, what you're going to say... Usually, the master bedroom is first but with the housewarming party, we figured- finish the other two rooms first and the hallway and then work on the masters bedroom. And, the whole week was just enough time to finish both rooms and the hallway from nailing all the planks down to putting the final touches of trim paint. 

Here are the pictures of the work on the house preceding the housewarming party: 

Another bedroom in the midst of construction.
All the baseboards, shoe mouldings and hardwood floor planks in the garage.
The hallway. You can see both the original floor as well as the new floor we are putting down.
Mr. Bijou peeking out trying to see if we are doing a good job.
Another completed bedroom. This room had to be done first before the hallway could be started due to the way the planks were laid out. Isn't it pretty? Excuse the mess, please. Construction is still underway.
The Two Amigos. I know, I know- I think there were three... I guess, I could count as the third amigo in this scene. Both men hard at work putting down the baseboards and shoe moulding.
A very tricky corner...
Applying some math and physics behind it, with just cutting the correct angle, both sides fit perfectly. Okay, not that perfectly, but nearly perfect enough. 
Putting some spackle on the finished baseboards and shoe moulding.
Taping so we can paint. But, Bijou has other ideas... Sitting on mama's lap the entire  time.
Bijou on mama's lap 
Don't quite remember what he was talking about here. Something about a challenge. Pho?
Finished room.
Almost done. One more room to go, basically... Unless, of course, we add crown mouldings to all the bedrooms, which I'm sure is the next plan. The rooms look so different with the floor baseboards and shoe mouldings, that the ceilings in these rooms are crying for attention. They want crown mouldings... 

Until next time... 


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