Food Scene :: Fork & Bottle

I have been MIA from posting blogs. Life got crazy and I took a step back from posting on here to focus on what is important. Especially, during the end of the year craziness with everything. I plan to post more of the places that we have been to and actually empty all my pending drafts. I realized while talking to my husband last night that I did not post about this amazing restaurant in Zurich, Fork and Bottle. The pictures here are from our summer travels last year. The restaurant caters to both adults and children alike. There is a playground on the outside grounds. Actually, when we were there, they had a unicorn spouting water since it was hot. Temperatures reached 98 degrees on some days and we welcomed anything that helped cool us down. Aside from the play area outside, there is also a play area on the second floor of the building. It is a great place to hang out and relax. We came twice - on a weekday and on a Saturday. Weekends are generally busier than during the week but can still get tables. The following pictures are taken with my phone and is just a preview of how the place looks like and what you can expect.


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