Lantern Light Festival

"Paper Lanterns are the stars floating in the sky." 
- Fathima Shamla

Last night, we went to go check out the Lantern Light Festival at the Alameda County Fairgrounds with Sarah from A Passport is a Girl's Best Friend and her family. The Lantern Festival is a six-week celebration of Chinese Culture, from November 30th until January 20th. It is a tradition that has started over 2,000 years ago to herald the return of spring, with the lighting of the lanterns being symbolic of illuminating the future. While lanterns are usually released into the air, this exhibit have the lanterns firmly planted on the ground.

Enjoy the following pictures taken from my Pixel phone. Each of the lanterns are made from handmade from hundred of pieces of silky cloth. Some stood tall at over 30 feet and some are 300 feet long, like the dragon that runs across the whole field.



If you want to go check them out, click on this link - They are around for a few more weeks and it is small and big enough for the whole family to enjoy.


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