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House special cappucino

I love food. I love coffee as well. I mean, who doesn't? Okay, okay - there are some who don't enjoy coffee but can still partake in the joys of sitting down and catching up with friends. I've been wanting to eat breakfast or brunch somewhere with the littles, somewhere I can enjoy having a cup of coffee while they munch on some pastries and we cheers and clink our glasses filled with coffee for me and milk for them. 

I love their logo design - very hipster. 

I came upon Bros Beans & Beats upon searching on Google Maps for somewhere with good reviews about coffee and that it was also good for kids. It was a ten-minute walk away from our apartment and the littles were rearing to go. (They've been able to walk alot during this trip) A visit to the park after breakfast was also part of the plan. Get some sustenance and then burn it off at the park. It was a win-win situation. 

Smoked Salmon Plate

Bros Beans & Beats is located in Werd, in District 4 in Zurich. They are open daily with varying hours depending on the day - Monday 9am - 6pm, Tuesday through Thursday 8am - 11pm, Fridays 8am - midnight, while both Saturday and Sundays, they are open from 10am until 6pm. They serve breakfast daily, although, if you are wanting to have brunch, you have to wait until the weekend to try their offerings. I ordered the smoked salmon plate as pictured above while the littles had croissants. I wanted to try out their avocado toasts, but I believe it is only offered during the weekends. If anyone does go check it out, do let me know.

The cafe is very modern and warm, giving off a hipster vibe. They provide free wifi, so if you need to do some work, it's a great place to do it at. Aside from the tables available inside the cafe, you can also sit outside in their patio and enjoy the nice weather. Service was great - the men were very friendly and attentive. They have a lot to offer on their menu from different types of coffee and tea to alcoholic beverages. Do check them out if you are in town.


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