A Night at Le Plonc

A night out with a friend led us to try out the new wine bar that opened in downtown Mountain View, Le Plonc. Le Plonc replaced what used to be La Panotiq. While I am feeling sad about my usual place to catch up with friends and just hanging out with the littles over some coffee and pastries, I am quite happy that there is a new place in town to have some drinks.

Le Plonc is a passion project of Kristian Cosentino. He also owns Dirty Water and The Rusted Mule in San Francisco. Le Plonc serves high quality, unusual wines at affordable prices. A glass of wine will cost you $7. You can choose from sparkling, white and red and if you prefer beer, they do offer those as well. You can order some small bites along with your food.

As for the experience, I'd definitely go back again and try the other wines being offered. I had one of their reds of medium body from Sicily. It was perfect for the night and I had it along with their cheese tray.


Le Plonc is open from 11am until 10pm. 

You can visit their Facebook page - here or their instagram page - here.


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