The Year That Was 2013

It seems like yesterday that this new year, 2013, began. But, it's been a year and a new year will begin anew tomorrow, in just a few hours.

2013, was a year of many great memories:

- We welcomed our little one into the world and its been an amazing journey so far.
- Maui. I think that one word is enough to describe a little bit of paradise just before the little one joined us.
- London. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. The little one's first trip internationally.
- Baby toys and dog toys all sound the same. (And, strewn all over the place)
- Friends.
- A year of changes. Both big and small.
- Staying up all night has a whole new different meaning.

As we wait for the clock to strike midnight and to begin anew, I look forward to the many memories that 2014 will bring.

Happy New Year!


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