Get any good deals this weekend?

With holiday season officially upon us, did you score any good deals this weekend? Black Friday was this past weekend and Cyber Monday, just yesterday. With the abundance of great deals, did you find the one thing you've been wanting all year? Or are you planning to wait a few more days to see if more deals will come out once Christmas gets closer?

I decided to not do any shopping on Black Friday. I was just trying to avoid the crowd. Well, I lie. I did go shopping at LOWE'S. For house supplies. But, that is another topic all together. I did go shopping on Saturday, bright and early. And, behold, the deals on Black Friday, still applied. SCORE!

Gap had some really great deals. And, I bought some presents for the guys in my life. And, yes, mom, I remembered you as well. :)

I'll check in more as Christmas comes closer.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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