There is no sincerer love...

... than the love of food- George Bernard Shaw

Yuummm... what a great topic to talk about. Food, I think aside from love and family, is what brings all of us close. I'm sure that I'll be blogging more about food later on. I don't know, if my hubby or I have mentioned it before, but we just recently moved to the Bay Area from SoCal.

Yes, we are very close to a mecca of all great tasting food. And, honestly, we CANNOT wait to try all of them. But, it will have to wait right now, since we just got a new puppy. A puppy, I tell you, is a lot of hard work. But, I'm branching off topic.

Sooo... food. Food is universal. It's what gets us together.

'Let's meet for happy hour.' 'Let's have dinner!' 'Hey, a new restaurant just opened, do you want to go try it out?' 'Hey, we haven't seen each other in awhile, let's meet up for dinner.' Or in my family- it's COUSIN get together time.

These are just examples of how food brings us all together.

But, aside from eating out, making food is great as well. You learn as you make food. And, this was one thing that I really wanted to do a lot more of, since we moved up here. I'm trying to expand my knowledge of food.

This past Sunday, a couple of close friends came by for dinner. Like, I said earlier, it gets us together since we hadn't seen each other in a month. I prepared some meatloaf, some greens and rice. Rice, is a staple food in my country. I'm sure that you'll be seeing rice in many of my blogs that will relate to food. :D

I'll outline the recipes next time. ;D


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