A Chance at Getting Out

A couple of weeks ago, the hubby and I were invited to go hiking. This was our first time going hiking after a long time. We were both out of practice. But, we looked forward to the challenge. We excitedly bought our hiking boots from both North Face and REI.

For this hiking trip, we had an itinerary to follow. I'll hit the highlights and milestones of this trip starting now:

We met up as a group in Stinson Beach to eat at the Parkside Cafe. It is a quaint little cafe on the way to our trail head. The food was amazing. I had their special of the day which was eggs benedict. (Quick note: This is how I measure breakfast when I go to a new place.) It was great- it was probably one of best eggs benedict I've ever had. And, we chased our breakfast with freshly squeezed OJ and coffee.

After breakfast, we drove an extra 30 minutes to get to the trail head. We hiked at Point Reyes, starting in Palomarin to Alamere Falls Trail. The trail is an 8 mile round trip- 4 miles in, 4 miles out. The road leading to the trail is very windy road.

The best thing after getting to the end of the trail was having some lunch from Saigon Sandwich as we watched the waterfall end into the ocean.

Nom nom. Enough said.

After the hike, we decided to head to Pelican Inn to recover. Have some beers while we're at it. Bad Idea. We got there and the line to the bar was out the door. No bueno. After a brief deliberation, it was decided that we head back to the city and eat at Hukilau. Great food with beer with great company.

The whole day was a success. We look forward to the next hiking trip. One can forget how sore they are when they are awarded by the beauty of nature.

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