LEGO House Experience - Masterpiece Gallery & History Collection

Let's round off the LEGO House Experience by taking a look at the Masterpiece Gallery and History Collection. If you haven't seen my previous posts about LEGO House, you can follow the links shared below

As I have mentioned before, you can see the Tree of Creativity from within the public square and you can walk up around it as you take the stairs up to the Experience Zones. Aside from the sheer height and amount of bricks used to build the tree, each branch showcases different builds. 

Each leaf branch has different LEGO builds on them.

The Masterpiece Gallery showcases the creativity of the LEGO creativity. The pieces on display have been handpicked by the curators and rotated on a regular basis to ensure that something new and interesting is always on display. Like the dinosaur photo that I shared on my first post - see here, this green dinosaur looks equally amazing. The following photos are of other creations found in the masterpiece gallery. 

In the History Collection, we get to see how LEGO became one of the largest toy brands in the world from its beginnings as a small furniture workshop. Nostalgia does overwhelm you as you walk through the different LEGO sets through the years. The hubby had a great time going through the digital vault to find his own LEGO sets from when he was a child.

I'm hoping that the previous posts and photos will spur you to at least put LEGO House as one place to visit on your travels. We had a great time as a family and it was definitely an experience that we won't forget for awhile, especially, being able to build your own food.

👍Worth the visit, especially if you are already in Denmark. It is three hours away from Copenhagen.
👍Building your own food for lunch
👍Being to play with LEGOs all day
👍Price for the whole experience is 229 DKK in person or 199 DKK online. When you convert that to USD with today's rates, a ticket will costs you $36


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