We took a walk to Søndermarken after our jaunt at the København Zoo (see post - here) to have the littles run off some more excess energy. It is a park in Frederiksberg and it shares much of its history with the Frederiksberg Gardens across the way and right next to the zoo. The Cisterns are located right underneath the park and you can gain entrance to them via the triangle glass structures. The Cisterns was once a reservoir and is now used as a museum as part of the Frrederiksberg Museums.

These pictures do not do the park justice, since we only traversed one side and did not even make it out to the gardens. We had a full day and decided to head on home for rest after a full day of travel and some sightseeing.

Entrance to The Cisterns via the triangle glass structures.

Frederiksberg Palace - view from Søndermarken across the way on our way back to the bus stop.

View of the tower inside the zoo on our way back to the bus stop.


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