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Have you ever felt like Cinderella? I'm talking about finding the perfect fit for your feet. Minus, the glass slipper, of course.

I've never had instances like the picture below:

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I wear a size 5, normally. Sometimes, I can squeeze into a size 4.5 and sometimes can go up to a size 6. But, that all depends on the show maker. Usually, I run into the problem like shown below: 

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Most stores don't carry size 5, but when they do, they almost always run out or the last one is on display. Or, better yet, you get to fight for it. Nordstrom, Aldo, Nine West and Bakers Shoes carry size 5. I know, since my closet is littered with shoes from these stores.

Every now and then, there'll be a random size 6. Just add some inserts and you should be good to go. But, only buy them if you really need to.

My gold shoes are a size 6 by Jessica Simpson.
See the small gaping between my heel and the back of the shoe?
(similar here and here)

Here are some more stores that carry small sizes for feet:

+ Nordstrom - in addition to carrying some clothing for petite women, this store is known for having a great selection of extended shoe sizes.

+ Aldo - an affordable shoe brand and they have a huge selection of size 5 shoes.

+ Stuart Weitzman - They are $$$ but they are worth it, since they are so well-made. Also, they are comfortable. Nordstrom carries this brand as well. 

+ Zappos and Amazon - huge selection. You can search by size, color or brand, making it very easy to find what you are looking for. Plus, who doesn't love Amazon?

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Happy Shoe Shopping!


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