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Baby wearing. It is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or carrier. It has been around for centuries and practiced around the world, as can be seen in the pictures shown below. Only recently, has baby wearing gained popularity, and is partly influenced by attachment parenting.

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As a new parent, I find it much easier to carry my child in a carrier or sling, than taking out the stroller, when out and about, and it is much faster. I prefer "baby-carrying," since it feels very natural and much more comfortable, not just for me, but for child as well. One benefit or two with baby carrying: one, you have both arms free to do things; two, you can hold hands with your little one and your significant other. But, now that my child is getting older, slightly heavier, my go-to carrier is in need of being replaced. You name it, I probably have it: Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap, Sling. And, as another parent has said, "You'll go through many until you find the right one that fits you."

Yes, that is such the case. Given the popularity of the Moby Wrap, I actually found it quite cumbersome to use it. By the time, I finish wrapping my little one, she is one unhappy camper. I ended up with the Baby K'Tan, which is similar to the Moby Wrap, but without the wrapping problem. Just two slings and pop the baby in and you are done. Also, with the Baby Bjorn, it seems to fit my husband a lot better than it does me.

So, what is a mom to do? I recently joined a meet-up group, Bay Area Attached Families, and one of the meet-ups is for Babywearing, with Baby Wearing International. It is a monthly meet-up for moms living in the Peninsula. It was very informative and I know, that I will probably be attending these meet-ups monthly.

They introduced me to a woven wrap by Didymos, a size 6. A size 6, is a medium, which I think is the average size for starting out with a woven wrap. I was very hesitant on trying a woven wrap, given my experience with the Moby Wrap, but since it is woven, it felt differently than the Moby. One, the little one was happy and secure. Two, I could barely feel her weight. I was also very interested in looking at a Tula carrier, after reading so much about it.

I'd like to hear more about what you think about baby wearing? And, what type of carrier do you use?


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