Diary of a First Time Mom

I have heard it many times- having kids will change your life. In many ways... And, one big change is losing sleep. Right now, sleep to me is a distant dream. It does not matter how early I go to bed, or take naps, I'm just exhausted. Plain and simple, I am finding it hard to sleep. 

It's seems unfair when you really need sleep the most, you can't get it. Friends who've had kids keep saying, 'Get as much sleep as you can now, 'cause once baby is here, you're not getting much or any at all.' But, I still can't get any. All the hormonal changes, the many treks to the bathroom and to the kitchen to get water, the heartburn and the one fact that it is harder to get comfortable when you're in bed with a bowling bowl where your stomach used to be. And, feeling anxious and excited about the impending birth of a little one. 

So, how does a pregnant woman in her third trimester try to catch some z's? Yoga stretches helped for one night and I think, I managed to sleep through the whole night without tossing and turning. And, reading a book or listening to some white noise, until drowsiness sets in. And, I think this is just one way of getting ready for the many sleepless nights ahead.

Any tips out there for how to get some rest?


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