34 weeks

"I think the best thing about being pregnant 
would definitely have to be 
seeing just my belly grow 
and seeing, 
there is, 
you know, 
something inside of me."
- Tia Mowry

34 weeks down, 6 more weeks to go. Seems like yesterday that we found out we were expecting a little one

What's been happening this week:

- more lower back pains
- moving around and getting in and out of bed or the car, makes me feel like a turtle on its shell
- when it's hot, it's uncomfortably hot. It definitely feels like spring and summer is upon us, with the high 70s to low 80s weather that we've been having
- more walking, more ungainly walking from side to side like a penguin.
- fingers are starting to plump, especially with the warmer weather
- nursery is getting there


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