Tricksy Thursdays

Thursday. Almost Friday. 

Let's focus on pregnancy for today's Tricksy Thursday. How would you go about dressing your growing belly bump? It was one of the things that I feel like I battled with as I am going through this process. All I knew was that I still wanted to dress 'stylish.'  

I got those belly belt bands that help extend how long you can wear your own jeans... I stopped wearing those 2 months ago. As your belly grows, you want to be comfortable, and they have a tendency to start rubbing into your stomach and give you a burn. 

Lesson 1: Buy some maternity jeans or leggings. 

How the belly belt bands look like

Don't buy a lot of maternity clothes. Some of my clothes still fit despite the growing belly and only now has it been a problem that I can fit into some of my old clothes. 

Lesson 2: Extend your current wardrobe throughout the pregnancy. Only buy a few key maternity wear. I bought 5 blouses/tunics in total. 

Let's look at how some of these moms dress their bump in style:

Sweater Dresses.
from The Day Look Blog P.S. I want her shoes!
Scarves are great! I am wearing scarves all the time.

How about you? 


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