Weekend Bits- Brunching and others...

Brunch- a word that just sings to my soul. How, I yearn for some Eggs Benedict with some mimosas, while out enjoying the nice, warm days that summer is turning out to be. I did have some this weekend. :D

This past weekend, the last full weekend in the month of June, was spent being nomads around our city. One lifestyle change, that the hubby and I agreed on, is to hike more... be more physically active. 

We decided to go on a hike around the Baylands Nature Preserve on Saturday. You can see more information: here and here. It is about a 5-ish some mile loop, but, I think we only ended up doing 4 miles. Our stomachs had decided to turn against us and wanted food. This trail is one of the trails that allows you to take your dogs along for the ride. Many people use the trail for hike, riding their bikes and for running. It is pretty much flat all around, with little to no cover from the sun. And, the breeze was an added bonus. Plus, you get to see many different things- squirrels running up and down the trail, some albino snails (first time i've seen one in nature), planes taking off and landing... It was not boring at all, considering how flat it was. And, our little yorkie, Bijou, enjoyed the whole walk and was not even tired when we got home. For those of you wanting to try out this trail: head up 101N towards San Francisco, exit Embarcadero and head east. Turn left when the road ends to a T-section and follow the signs for parking. Enjoy. 

Albino snail! Almost doesn't look real, but we saw three more on the trail. 
Bijou enjoyed running up and down on a small strip of pebbles on the trail.
As always, Tom and I always have brunch after hiking. This time, we ate at St. Michael's Alley. It is a very cute cafe in Palo Alto, close to Alma Street. They are open for brunch, Saturday and Sunday from 10-2pm. And, it seemed we got there just in time before they got busy. It was worth it. They have two sites in Palo Alto: 140 Homer Ave and 806 Emerson St. The one on Homer serves both lunch and dinner, while the one on Emerson is open for brunch. 

I had the Eggs Benedict while the hubby had their Ham and Gouda Omelette. See pic below:

Also, the new pedestrian bridge had recently opened in Mountain View, last week. I decided to take a walk with Bijou to go visit the hubby- it was about a 40 minute walk. Not too bad... 

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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