Just a thought...

it is 5:55pm on a monday afternoon. it is about 80 degrees in the bay area, which means summer is officially here. i can't wait for walks in the park, while eating some gelato or taking a rowboat out for a spin.

i am looking forward to traveling- well, i am looking forward to just taking a few days off. just to have some time to just check out from the world and relax. can't wait for europe though, which is slated for later this year. just a few more months to go and while i'm waiting for the clock to tick by, i am beside myself trying to plan what to do. the excitement of traveling to a new country and even the stress that comes with it is a welcome change. it's all the detail that counts and the end results are so worth it. for anyone who has been to munich and paris, drop me a note on things to do, where to go, what to eat.

shadows overtake
whatever sunshine
rays left in its wake
birds chirp
notes abound
life is great 
all around
take me in
breathe me out
enjoy what life is all about
- Alexis MacGregor 

i have times when i just need to take pen and paper and just write and let the words flow. but, for this time, i am making my fingers fly along the keyboard on my laptop. this is just one blurb from the thoughts that lay hidden within my mind. and, here's to many more of these later on. 



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