Motherhood Musings :: Tips to Prep Your Child For a New Baby Sibling

Last week we had our 28 week doctors visit. The next visit will be at 32 weeks and from then on, every two weeks and then every week. It really isn't long until Baby #2 joins us and we have been slowly prepping the little peanut for her new role as a Big Sister.

Here are some tips that we have been using to help prepare the Little Peanut for Little Bean's arrival:

1. We've been reading books about bringing a new baby into the family. Our favorite book right now is this one. Waiting on getting these two: this one and this one. We've been reading it almost every night.

2. We've been having the Little Peanut join us for whenever I have a doctors appointment so she can hear the baby's heartbeat.

3. The Little Peanut got a little doll for Christmas from grandma. Her doll is similar to this one. She enjoys holding the baby and feeding the baby.

4. Working on creating a baby book for the Little Peanut so she can see herself as a small baby and that she was once, too.

5. Trying to stick to her routine and introducing new activities that she can look forward to.

If you have any more tips, feel free to send them my way.


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