Switzerland :: Kambly Cookie Factory

Three years ago, we visited Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc, Gruyere, Switzerland, this time around, we visited Kambly Cookie Factory in Trubschachen in the canton of Berne. (I'll post about Cailler another time.)

Kambly is a Swiss biscuit factory founded in 1910 by Oscar Kambly. Kambly is the most famous and most liked biscuit brand of Switzerland. They have two factories in the canton of Berne, where you can visit and try their biscuits and buy them for a much cheaper price. Their oldest product is the Bretzeli, which has been produced since 1906.

Each product that they sell, they have put out a tin where you can sample the product. You can also enjoy having lunch as well as have some coffee or tea, since they have a huge restaurant in the same room. They also have chefs cooking fresh cookies/biscuits. It is a must try on a visit to Switzerland, especially if you love biscuits.

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