NYC :: Brunch at Sarabeth's

For our first meal in New York, a group of us went to Sarabeth's for brunch. You can take a look at their brunch menu - here. I ordered the fat and fluffy french toast, as you can see in the picture, and it was amazing, with a side of bacon. Bacon always goes with anything. And, a round of coffee for everyone. We all flew in overnight from California to New York and arrived in the city early. Too early. Coffee was our best friend. I would recommend this place for brunch for anyone coming to New York. 

Sarabeth is named after an award-winning jam maker and acclaimed pastry chef and restaurateur. Sarabeth began in 1980-81, when Sarabeth began making Orange-Apricot Marmalade in her home from a family recipe and began selling it to local food shops. Since then, Sarabeth and her husband, now own a jam factory, a bakery cafe and nine restaurants. 


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