36 weeks...

It's crazy how time just seems to fly by. It seems like it was just yesterday when we found out we were expecting a little one. And, now we are in the final stretch...

Officially, into week 36. Only four more weeks to go and our lives will change. The house won't be as quite anymore (not that, it was quite to being with- with Bijou and all).

What's been going on this week:

1. Ultrasound to find out if baby is in position.
2. Mobility has slowed down due to ligament pains and others.
3. Braxton Hicks are starting to feel... A little painful... Practice contractions.
4. Anxiety, excitement...
5. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
6. Still feel like a turtle that can't get up, especially out of bed or a chair. Never thought I'd say, "Help, I can't get out of bed!"

Until, next time!


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