A Weekend in South Lake Tahoe

The views that greeted us as we drove up the mountains.

This past weekend, we drove out to South Lake Tahoe and spent the weekend with friends (Sarah from A Passport is a Girl's Best Friend). There was snow, everywhere. For the past months, California has been soaked with so much rain or snow in the higher elevations that resorts such as Kirkwood, Northstar and Heavenly are extending the season out by a week. You can see the article - here

The littles could not wait to get into the snow! There was at least a minimum of one foot of snow to step into until you start sinking and realizing that it is much higher. We stopped by the Hard Rock Cafe before checking into our AirBnB for the weekend to have some snack.

The following photos are of the front yard and backyard of our AirBnB with a ton of snow. It snowed Friday night but by Saturday morning, the snow was coming down as rain. We decided it was not good conditions to go up to the resort to ski or snowboard and to have the littles take a class. So, we made a sled run in the backyard instead. It worked out - we played outside for an hour, came back inside for two, had some snacks. Repeat for four more times.


The beginnings of our sled run.


It was short break from the hustle and bustle of life. The littles did not want to leave at all and are wanting another trip already in the future.

Our view as we drove home - it was raining as well.


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