Food Scene :: Sushiko

"I could probably eat sushi everyday."
- Eric McCormack

It is no surprise that our love of sushi has extended to our children. The little lady has a love-love relationship with sushi, especially salmon nigiri. The little man on the other hand just thinks that sushi is the rolled rice that is underneath the salmon on the salmon nigiri. We are working on fixing that. 

The family and I always tend to always have sushi at the same local places. The downside to those tried and true places, everyone else loves them as well, so we always have to wait for a table. Waiting for a table is not always easy with two young kids, hungry. Let me clarify - hungry like bears, is how they describe it. Forgoing our usual sushi places in downtown, we decided to go to Sushiko in Los Altos. The restaurant is not new to me, but definitely to the kids. 

Sushiko is located in the Village Court Shopping Center in Los Altos. It is the same shopping center where you can find Dittmer's and Teaspoon. Dittmer's is our go-to for great quality meats from the butcher shop. Teaspoon is just another boba place that we frequent. Sushiko is open Monday through Saturday, 11:30am until 2:30pm and 5pm until 9pm. They are closed Sundays.

Aside from the food, service was also amazing. We were able to just walk in and grab a table. We ordered the following food: sashimi, nigiri and some rolls. As you can see from the photos below, they are all salmon. We love our salmon. 

49ers roll. Love all the ginger that comes along with it. 
An order of salmon sashimi along with three orders of salmon nigiri.
Do we recommend Sushiko? Yes, definitely!

Are we coming back? Yes!

Go check it out for yourselves.


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