One Year Later :: A letter to the little peanut at age one

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It's been a year since we had been gifted with our baby gamer  and life has changed for better (and we said goodbye for a little while). Our little peanut has filled a hole in our lives that we did not know existed and our hearts could not be fuller. Here is a letter to the little one:

Dear little peanut,

Happy 1st birthday!!! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone by (halfway there to here). It has been an amazing journey and I feel blessed to be your mother. I didn't think that my heart could love someone even more and then there was you. You were a missing piece that your daddy and I were waiting for.

I have seen you change daily and become the little lady that you are. Its still crazy that a year ago, you could barely do anything on your own and now, you are able to crawl on your own power, babble away, and are starting to walk. I have seen you achieve milestone after milestone and each one makes me smile. You are slowly becoming a little lady and having your own identity: even your face has changed since you were a newborn. You make being sleep deprived rewarding just by giving us a smile or a giggle. I love spending time with you when it is just you and I. But, I love it most when I see you and daddy together.

Happy birthday, little one!!! Here's to many more years to come and I can't wait to see all that you can do.

Love Always, 


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