Listen to the call of... {Nature} :: Hike

This past weekend, we took advantage of the great weather we've been having in the Bay Area and went for hike. We went to the Arastradero Preserve on Page Mill Exit on 280. 

Reasons why:
1. It was close by. 15-20 minute drive.
2. Dog-friendly. Bijou always goes on hikes with us. 
3. Close enough to civilization so that once you're done, you can go grab some food.

Below is a map of the preserve. Two and a half hours later into the hike and we did not get to see the whole preserve. It is big. We are planning to go again in the near future, once the weather gets nicer again. Can you believe after all that sunshine last week, we are subjected back to some cold and dreary and even rainy days? 

Courtesy of

Some pictures taken while on the hike on the iPhone.

Dry creek bed.

Some daffodils.


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