A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Happy New Year!!! 

I know that I have been remiss for awhile, okay, maybe not... But, fear not, I am back. Hopefully, this series will be better than ever and will start being consistent, again... (Crossing fingers)

Here are some things that I have been looking at and seem to be a perfect fit to kick off the new year. 

1. It's still cold. So some carrot ginger soup sounds like a great idea. Here is a recipe from Lesley Graham.

Photo courtesy of www.lesleywgraham.com

Doesn't it look good? I can't wait to have some... It seems pretty easy to make. Heat and boil carrots until tender and then puree in a blender... 

2. How-to: Homemade Bath Soak... Doesn't that sound amazing right now? Here is a tip from Apartment Therapy. This is perfect for cold weather, especially, when you are feeling under the weather

Just buy some epsom salts, some essential oils (lavender or eucalyptus) and soak in tub full of hot, but not too hot water. Perfect!

3. And, since it is cold right now- all I want to think about it going off to a nice, warm place... like Hawaii... And, just lounge and relax

4. I have some friends and family, who recently just became first-time parents, and I came across this sleep balm and thought of them. It is a recipe for a salve that you just rub on your temples, forehead, wrists and under your nose to get a good night's sleep. It seems to be a mixture of many essential oils. Maybe, I'll try to make some in the future...

Photo courtesy of www.designsponge.com

5. And, just a reminder that  the holiday season of 2012 was just upon us a few days ago...

Photo courtesy of www.habituallychic.blogspot.com

Until, next time... 


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