A dog's life, Part 1

A dog's life is very easy. Sleep, eat and play...

It's been almost a week since we got our yorkie puppy, Bijou. He is currently sleeping right now, which he does practically all day. He's a growing boy, so, I'm sure he is doing all his growing during his sleep.

This is a picture of him when he is awake and alert. Doesn't he just look so cute? Don't let the innocent face fool you though, he is a very cunning dog. He just turned nine weeks old this past Wednesday, and we have already noticed that he is very intelligent. He managed to manipulate his blanket to form a blockade around the opening of his crate to block the light. He catches on to our games easily and I'm sure gets easily bored.

Boredom. This is what we get when he gets bored. He just lays on his side and will play with his chew toy this way. He has done this many times as well as with his frog stuffed animal. I get distressed at times when he is like this since I don't know what to do. I think I mentioned it before in a previous blog, that this is my first time being a dog owner. He'll do this the entire day, moping around like the world is about to fall from below him. And, at times he does not want to approach you when you call him or play with him. And, my hyperactive brain thinks he does not like me anymore. :D Stupid, I know.

Another picture of when he is just laying down. I think he heard the shutter on the camera. I don't think he likes his picture taken very much.

I love this pic of him. Very awake. Doesn't he look cute in this holiday t-shirt. It says 'Santa Baby.' And, that is exactly what he is. A Christmas baby, since we got him to be a part of our family by Christmas. And, this was before he wore himself out running around in circles or playing with his toy bone.

Another picture when he knocks himself out. There's Mr. Froggy next to him, gnawed with love. Speaking of gnawing, he is currently teething and biting, play-biting, thank goodness. But, despite this, he does not seem to understand the word, 'NO.' I just want to pull out my hair at times, since his teeth are getting sharp. I actually got nipped accidentally and it hurt. Just imagine, when he has his full set of teeth. I am not looking forward to that. Also, speaking of hair, he likes to grab my hair between his mouth. I don't enjoy it. With these incidents of him biting and nipping, it has been a hard and tiring week. He'll be fine and will be licking you and then he switches to nipping. Maybe, he gets too excited during play. Another learning process for us.

Also, he seems to enjoys licking metal. I'm still trying to figure that out.

Doesn't his expression just say, 'Yes, momma... I'm innocent.' Too innocent for his own good. FYI, notice the pillow he is laying on. He stole it from me as I was sitting on it and is now sleeping on another pillow, that he ALSO stole from me. The blue pillow was met by an accident. He peed all over it. :( And, we were doing so well potty training. But, like in all the dog boards that I've been reading, it will never end and it will just click one day.

Also, he tends to get scared a lot. He seems to be fearful of weird but normal sounds. Don't know what to do about it. He runs away, which is a defense mechanism. The farther away they are, the safer they feel. Works great in theory, but our place is filled with different noises all the time. He runs away especially when we are in the kitchen cooking. Maybe, its the hissing sound or the vent going on that scares him. Also, the vacuum sounds get to him. He starts shaking and whines. He has started running towards his crate to feel safe, but whines for attention. We've started to ignore him to let him get situated to the noises and feel safe with them, since maybe we coddled him. And, maybe, he thinks that it is okay to whine and then he will be held by one of us. Maybe this is just a phase and he'll outgrow it. Just found out, he does not like the microwave being on, he woke up and ran to his crate when he heard it. He's currently inside there now.

See how his position doesn't even faze him when he's sleeping. He sleeps in the most awkward of positions. And, I will try to record those times. He is just too cute and he warms my heart.

Now, isn't that a cute little boy? Yes, he is. When he sleeps, it just melts my heart. Doesn't it melt yours? There'll be more adventures in this little man's life as well as in ours. We'll learn together as we go along, okay? ;)

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